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Rising 9th Grade Theatre Options

Introduction to Acting – Theatre I (Beginning)

Technical Theatre I (Beginning)

Rising 10th-12th Grade Theatre Options

Intro to Acting – Theatre I (Beginning)

Theatre II:  Styles of Acting (Intermediate)

Honors Theatre III:  Adv Acting (Proficient)

Honors Theatre Arts IV (Advanced Level)

Technical Theatre I (Beginning Level)

Technical Theatre II (Intermediate Level)

Honors Technical Theatre III (Proficient)

Honors Technical Theatre IV (Advanced)

Honors Global Cinema & Filmmaking (CHS Only/AIS)


53635X0 Honors Global Cinema and Filmmaking
(CHS Only)

This course will expand the students’ knowledge of film and theatre history, criticism, and production. Students will understand the cultural context at the time of production as well as the art form’s lasting impact. Particular attention will be paid to the construction of films, as students will work individually and in groups to storyboard, act, film, edit and produce filmed productions for their online portfolio. Opportunities will be given to create films with a social justice lens, and submit films for professional review.